Anita Joseph, Kunle Remi, others react as pastor speaks about sex position

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Everyone has their own opinion in life, but bringing this opinion in the wrong way might make things complicated, here is another pastor that said his opinion in a wrong that made a lot of people blast him, and some even called him names.

A pastors shared a video saying that any man who love and enjoys his wife at the top while making-out will not make heaven. According to the pastor, God has made the man the head of the family and or a woman and the man should always be the one at the top. Here is the video https://www.in

A lot of people believes that any thing that is written in the bible should be followed according and that's right, but at times after reading they make things complicated by misinterpreting the particular passage they read. So I think that was what happened in the case of this pastor.

The bible is not something that we read like a novel or a magazine it has deeper meaning, so when reading the Bible we should make sure we mediate and allow the holy spirit to interpret that particular passage for us.

A lot of people reacted to what the pastor said, here are some of what they said

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