I Think I Lost Miss Universe Kenya Because of My Dental Imperfection. Rue Baby Gets a Better Smile

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Rue Baby has talked about her insecurities and the one she has been over the edge about is her teeth. She has been modelling for a while now but she always thought that her imperfect dental formula would have come in the way of her dreams. Even so, Rue has been the face of Nivea in 2017 and also the first runners-up in Miss Universe Kenya.

It's after she lost the competition that Rue decided to get her teeth aligned. She recalls someone asking her if she thinks she could win the competition with her imperfect dental. That statement, she says made her sad and she decided that she would get help from a dentist so that she could an even better smile.

She begun her journey with orthodontics where after a span of eight months, she would confidently smile without feeling judged. Right now Rue has her teeth well aligned and she definitely has an award winning smile. In six months time, Rue can already smile broadly and proudly.

Honestly, Orthodontics did a wonderful job with Rue. Rue is only but one who has had a beautiful journey of correcting her dentation with orthodontics. Maggie of Maria, Wabosha and a lot others are happy clients from this particular dental hospital.

Now we wish Rue Baby all the best in the competitions she wishes to go for.

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