The Youth Are Suffering from Mental Illness Because There Is No Job After Completion Of School


The youth nowadays are desperate and feel hopeless because when they leave school especially, university graduates there is no job for them. This has lead most of them to pursue their masters degrees and others also involve themselves into all sort of criminal activities. For example, scamming, money rituals, drug abuse and others.

Most of them wants to leave the country for greener pastures elsewhere, according to the Child's Rights International reports, more than 80% of the youth between the ages of 12-17 years want to travel from Ghana to European countries for better life.

Although, some of them have bad attitude in which they lack manners but rather the system and the structure of the country doesn't favour them, that could be the reason why for the past three years the youth commits suicide frequently. This has been one of the problem that bastardise the progress of the active population.

Associate Professor of Clinical/Health Psychology of University Ghana, Prof. Joseph Osarfo has disclosed that about 30% of the youth in this country are suffering from mental problems and the situation is unemployment, because when they leave school there is no job for them.

Speaking on Peace FM, hosted by Kwame Sefa Kayi of an interesting program "Kokrokoo" on Monday,July 12, 2021. He added that the research conducted by them at University of Ghana revealed that the countless numbers of graduates who completed the University every year only 10% will get job to do. It will take 10 to 20 years for these graduates to be employed.

If we don't engage the youth they will find something for themselves. Work can even give you identify and opportunity to explore creativity.

He called on government and other stakeholders including Chiefs and Churches to get involved in other to inspire them and find other strategies to deal with this canker. We need to invest in the youth if we want them to become good leaders tomorrow. Human capital is very important and the country must concentrate on that to prevent all sort of crimes in the country.


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