Church of Pentecost Chairman Cries As He Still Can't Believe He Is Burying Jonathan Koffie.


Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Eric Nyamekye could not hold his tears as he still couldn't believe that he was burying one of the prominent and key pillars of the church Rev Jonathan Koffie.

In a tribute read on his behalf, Apostle Eric Nyamekye feels that although they needed Jonathan Koffie, God who created him loves him more. Sitting on the podium, one could figure out from the Chairman that he has broken down. Intermittently he will rub his handkerchief in his face to wipe few tears.

Present at the funeral of Reverend Jonathan Koffie were the National Executives of the Church, women's Wing, students and staff of Pentecost University College and the entire congregation.

Before his demise, Reverend Jonathan Koffie was the Dean of students for the Pentecost University of Ghana college. He doubled as the link and representative for the locals and the headquarters. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace till we meet again.


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