5 years after he changed from a man to a woman, see the current state of this Nigerian transgender


Noni Salma is a Nigerian transgender that was known in the past as Habeeb Babatune Lawal. He was a former student of the university of Lagos where he studied theatre arts. Habeeb was also a columnist in Lagos, Nigeria before he travelled overseas to feature in a movie in New York. He was celebrated and welcomed into New York Academy in New York after he changed his lifestyle. It was later reported that he been abandoned by his family, and currently he lives in the United States as a young lady after he went through a sex reassignment surgery.

When Noni was interviewed sometime ago whether he is still contact with his family, she replied;

"In Nigeria I didn't tell anybody. Since the operation went through, I haven't contacted my family. I am currently not in the mood to adapt to their response at the moment. I know manh Nigerians knows about my new way of life, but it's basically not my concern. I have adequate help here. I am not responsible for anyone." A long time back, in an interview, Noni was asked about His sexuality, She said: "I have been a woman for my entire life. I once came into the world a woman."


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