Something everyone should know before the end of time comes


1. Your future lover is likely to be the person you know now. The more the paths of you two live intersect, the greater the likelihood of liking each other.

2. Those who have helped you will be more willing to help you again.

3. Everything that happens in your life is partly your responsibility.

4. When you know a person when you first see his advantages, then you will think that he has more other advantages.5. The better the first impression, the higher the likelihood that you will be liked. When meeting new people, remember to make a good first impression.

6. People always dwell on past payoffs and choose to be irrational in order to avoid the negative emotions that come with loss.

7. When you feel uneasy, squeeze your thumb and it calms you down. When you're scared, hold your index finger to boost your self-confidence. When you are angry, pull your middle finger to suppress your anger. When you are nervous, touch your pinky finger, you will be able to get stability.

8. What you see is not the truth. The world as each person sees it is subjective and changes constantly with their own insight and awareness.9. What you think is the solution is ultimately ineffective. People always think that they will be relieved when they grow up, they will happy forever after get married, and they will satisfied if they earn more money. In the end, they will find that the trouble and pain has always been there.

10. Every person is ordinary. Even though a great man has done extraordinary things, he still has only an ordinary body, needs rest and sleep, will gets tired and sick.


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