"Hizo Ni Lorry Kadhaa Za Mawe," Betty Kyallo's SPA Prices Spark Mixed Reactions


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Famous Tv sensation, Betty Kyallo has left netizens talking after she posted prices that are currently being charged at her spur.

Betty who has been in the media for quite some time used to anchor news at Media max owned TV station K24 before calling it a quit.

The famous TV host renovated her spur bigger and better after losing her job.

She also went further to open a YouTube channel where she keeps up with her fans on a daily routine.

However, netizens have expressed some mixed reactions after she posted a photo with some set prices charged at her beauty spur.


Hey ladies!!! It’s 9 days to end month and so we want to give you the best offer in town for your hair and beauty services. Check out Our reviewed prices and come through starting today. We are so ready to serve you @flairbybetty


@Mwangi...All these prices combined are around 20k. That's a full lorry of Sand and 15 bags of cement. You are the one to decide what you will do with the information. Anyway, it's Business and handwork. You deserve the best BETTY KYALLO

@Kimani... The post is out but not for everybody.. every business has its clientele. Those who belong to that class are rushing there to get the offer coz they know ordinarily they would have paid a bit more. Nyinyi wengine you don't belong there so stop complaining. Just go to where you belong when the right time will come, you'll go to flair without complaining.

@Wairis...Betty sisi huoshwa na 50bob na tunashukwa na 250 yote inakua 300 na itakaa kwa kichwa 3months so kwa mwaka ata sifikishangi 1500...i think thats why margaret kenyatta na rachel ruto walinyoa

@Melon... Natural hair wash 1500 na najiosha kienyeji naenda nafanyiwa blodry nusu ya 50bob🤣🤣🤣🤣am surviving in this world

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