Drive Safely: Sad Photos Of Road Accidents In Nigeria And Around The World


Many have failed to understand that they have only one life to live and there is no duplicate of life for anybody. The only life we have to live must be with the consciousness of safety first.

We have seen many unnecessary road accidents on how roads due to several factors. Some of the road accidents are caused by impatience on the part of the driver, many of the drivers fails to wait for others or follow the instructions of the traffic light or traffic officers.

It is also a painful thing to see some drivers drive recklessly due to drug abuse, drinking of alcohol while driving and before driving.

Sometimes, some of these road accidents occur as a result of over speeding by motorists, no valid driver's license and poor health status of the driver.

For those who were trained in driving school, they were told not to drive if they are having an eye defect or any health issue that can hamper their ability to drive well on the road but many drivers disregard this vital warning, hence the car accidents we mostly see around.

Here are more photos of road accidents in Nigeria and around the world.

If you see the car you are about to board is in bad conditions or the driver is on drugs don't enter.

May God Almighty keep us from road accident.