Students Who Are In 200 Level, 300 Level, 400 Level And HND2 Should Be Mindful Of These Five Things


Many Nigerian students who are in 400L and HND 2 fail to be minful of five important things that may strengthen their lives after school.

As a graduate living in Nigeria, survival sometimes becomes more harder than climbing the Zuma rock. This post school hard life can be fairly blamed on the economic situation of the country which has also brought about scarcity of jobs. It may also be right to conclude experiencing tough times as a graduate is due to lack of preparation as the mentality of getting good grades for a job vacancy has eaten deep into the minds of many undergraduates.

However, it may be a different story for students who are currently in 400L (400 level) and HND 2, as there are five important things that if they are mindful of, the future can be a bit smoother. Below are some points.

1. Re-learn how to write an application letter

This may sound funny but if one diggs deeply, he may discover that it is a valid point. It can be fair to conclude that most graduates who complain that there are no jobs are people who cannot not even be able to write an application letter when they see a job opening. Be mindful of this thing and test your knowledge, again.

2. Have a personal boss

At all cost, become someone's boy. If a high ranking person values your the services or favours you render, stay close to that person and make him or her like you more. This will highly be profitable in your nearest hustling future. If you are a 300 Level, 400 Level and HND2 student, know what your deputy VC, rector, Registrar, or HOD always needs, become his bag carrier e.t.c. create your connection. Do not be too proud.

3. Develope or improve an idea (or your idea)

Some of the biggest businesses and brands we see and use around are ideas that started in the hostel. Your idea of making doughnuts and liquid soap can be turned into great business that will save you the stress of looking for work. A Computer Science student can create an app or an online platform, a Business Management student can create a contribution scheme, a Masscom student can start a magazine e.t.c.

4. Highlight Carriers in your field of study

Which particular area in the course you are studying can you focus on?. Don't be a student who is studying, don't just hope a statement of result can give a job, you must have an area of specialization if you are Comp Science, BAM, Masscom, Public Administration, Pol Science, Library Science and the rest. Have something to offer.

5. Attend certificate course

Having a Degree and HND is good but becoming certified can be highly beneficial as it will not only boost your CV but will also give you a quality personality. "He is a certified java app developer", "She is a certified marketer". Most student are not aware of this but it is one of the reasons why guys who set up company names with mangoe shades as offices win jobs and contracts and they don't.

Please note that am not a motivational speaker. I am also a student who has had the opportunity to listen to people who are the top and those who are making it without working about with statement of results. Schools don't teach students how to make money or become financially stable and morevever, these are five things that all students who are in 200 Level, 300 Level, 400 Level and HND2 should be mindful of before graduation.


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