Judy Nyawira proving to us that celebrities can still glow without wigs on

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Judy Nyawira. If someone stopped you today and asked you about her what would you say? Simple but classy beautiful woman. That description suits her.

Well I am not calling her a celeb because she is married to one, no. Yes we know her hubby Abel Mutua is famous but she has also made a name for herself. She has appeared in her husband show dubbed 'first meeting with nairobi' and the two did a great job. She has also been spotted running the always sanitary pads campaign for girls who can't afford to buy them. Above all she has tried support his husband's hustle.

But that's not why we are here. If you are her close fan then you will realize that Judy Nyawira has never been spotted wearing a wig. Yes you had that right. She is either in her natural hair or plaited it unlike most celebs who would flaunt different types of wigs every other day. But do you know that she still looks beautiful? Check out her photos below and tell me if you agree with me.

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