The Impact Covid-19 Has On Our Businesses


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Covid-19 has really hit many Ghanaians hard especially, traders in some privileged and less developed regions in Ghana such as the Savannah region. This is as a result of the abrupt nature in which the disease took the country and the globe by storm.

Traders in the Savannah region especially, those trading in perishable goods or products or vegetables and fruits like apples, tomatoes, onions and many others were hit extremely hard as many of them ran at a loss, as their products got spoiled in the process due to the fears residents have about going out to purchase foodstuffs for the fear of Covid-19.

The sad part is that, most of the traders in vegetables and fruits business in the region happens not to be having proper storage systems like refrigerators and others to store their goods for longer periods, as these vegetables are perishable in nature especially when the weather condition isn't favorable to them, ends up getting spoiled and making the traders run at a significant loss.

Till date, many traders are still bankrupt as a result of this pandemic with many also trying to still recover from this. This signifies the negative impact the disease have on traders in the Savannah region of Ghana.

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