LGBTS and Matters arising

Gone were those days we were told not whistle in the evening because it attracts evil forces,but in today's modern world one is at liberty to even do whatever pleases him or her,female circumcisions and many others are also issue of the past.

Those days our forefathers married virgins with just a tuber of yam,goats,cowries,and drinks but surprisingly today's Mordenisation allows mens to marry used or disflowed girls or sleep around girls with a tall list amongst Court marriage yet we see nothing wrong in that,modenisation taking over our cultural and ancestral way of doing things.

Ghana is noted to be a Christian country frowning on certain things against Christianity such as Gayism and Lesbianism,but hypocritically allows Adultery and encourage fornicating amongst others Ghana and Africa.

Gayism and Lesbianism is welcome in most European and American countries because it is a choice just as worshipping of Christ is a choice I personally do not see why Africans in Africa are strongly opposed to this,but we see nothing wrong in fornicating amongst others is that not hypocrisy,in every human institution we have a choice no wonder you go to Beer parlour u see some taking local drink while others take malt or fanta my question is are they not human,yes they are but with different choices?. Don't we have Pentecost members likewise Assemblies and Jehovah witness's amongst us,likewise our our fellow Muslims brothers,but one question is do all of us attend church or mosques,if no then Gayism and Lesbianism amongst others and their partners can also operate but joining them is by your Own choice or volition based on your believe.

All those kicking against this my little question is do we have any law prohibiting their movements,lets not pretend to say Ghanaians youth are not into drugs and what is management of the economy doing about it?.but irrespective of that,rememember we still have youths who are not into any of those social vices.all said and done this people can operate but joining forces with them is at your own discretion. We have parliamentary members so why not make it a punishable offence just as you did to galamsey and smoking of heroin and weed,long live Ghana Long Live Christianity like our page comment and follow for more exciting updates.