7 Reasons we close our eyes when kissing

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Let's talk about kissing! Have you ever wondered why we close our eyes while kissing? Dayan Masinde explains why that is the simplest way to go... keep those eyes closed!


1. "To allow the lips to speak" After talking and the use of so many phrases, kissing is a manner of explicit intimacy that no words can articulate.

2. "It is a sign of satisfaction." We close our eyes every time we're experiencing something fulfilling; when we listen to a beautiful tune, when we pray, while we worship, whilst we sleep, whilst having an orgasm, whilst consuming sweet chocolate.

3. "It is an indication of trust." You don’t have to be eyes wide open and on the lookout when you are in an area of trust and safety.


 4. "It heightens delight." When one of your five senses fails, the others benefit; just ask the blind, deaf, or deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de eyes When kissing, your experience of the contact that connects your lips is heightened. You concentrate on the beauty of the lips.

Five. "It is an indication of giving up." indicates you aren't fighting the kiss, you’re kissing back, you’re giving into the instant.

6. "To keep away from a peculiar scene." It could be weird and spooky if you have huge-opened eyes searching directly at you at this kind of close distance for so many minutes.

7. "You are maturing to become on" is the type of activation. Ultimate your eyes is you shutting off the whole thing that is happening around you, to pay attention to the arousal and exhilaration occurring inside you.


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