"Nimepata Message Yako Bro" Deputy President William Ruto Replied To Khaligraph Request In Sheng


There are many diseases in the world. Some of these diseases are caused by fungi, virus or bacteria. Like coronavirus it is caused by virus. This virus is spread from one person to the other through physical contact with the infected person. Some signs and symptoms include difficulty breathing, sneezing and fever.

Furthermore, you can protect yourself and your family by wearing mask and keeping social distance when you are in the street. Also make sure you follow all guidelines from the Ministry of Health to reduce spreading of this deadly virus.

Since the first case was reported in Wuhan China, many families are living in difficult situations. Many people lost their jobs and many businesses stopped. Furthermore, new directives were introduced by the President, Uhuru Kenyatta to reduce this virus. All churches, clubs and bars were closed.

Due to this new measures and curfew hours implemented, some families are sleeping without eating.Accordingly from the source, Deputy President William Ruto has answered the request which was made by Kenyans musicians Khaligraph. The musician had earlier request Deputy President William Ruto to help the needy families. William Ruto replied this by saying , I quote "Bazuu Khaligraph, nimepata message yako bro, Ahsante. Mimi ninajua the pain of sleeping hungry" he replied. "As a personal initiative, I am ready to help as we complement government programs on the same. I will also mobilize my friends to get some more help" Deputy President said

From the reply it shows how deputy president is humble and kind person.

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