Bonnie Musambi's Wife Has Asked Him to buy Her a Range Rover as a Birthday Gift.

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Bonnie Musambi is among the famous journalists in Kenya and he is the former TV and Radio presenter of KBC. Bonnie has however joined politics.

Apart from that Bonnie Musambi is a family man and he has two children and he is a very romantic man when it comes to showing love to his wife. Betty Musambi revealed that in 2020 Bonnie Musambi gifted her a brand new Nissan Xtrail as a birthday gift, in 2021 he gifted her Mercedes 2021 and this year she is expecting a Range Rover.

Here is the link to the full Information on Facebook.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information on Facebook.

Aside from that Bonnie Musambi has been gifting his wife Betty Musambi very luxurious and expensive gifts such as IPhone 13 promax. He is very romantic and he really loves his wife and family in general. We wish them all the best in their good and sweet marriage.

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