I Dated A Married Man For Over A Year Without My Knowledge - Lady Reveals


Wonders that are commonly believed to never cease It is sad and upsetting to find out that the person you are involved with discovers that they are cheating on you or that they've misrepresented their identity and lied to you so many people. Your argument will be fair in regard to my personal relationships. You will concur that some relationships are inherently shaky since they're founded on lies and deceit.

A video of Sandra Aboagy has been uploaded online where she is seen crying and asking her year-long boyfriend who had gotten married when she was with his child's mother whether he married the latter for financial support or emotional support. according to the woman in the video, she found out that her ex-wife boyfriend's took his phone and posted a picture of him on WhatsApp, the wife of the lady didn't understand what they were in the pictures To expand on that, her ex boyfriend came to her place and explained everything because she was pregnant and the lady's parents asked me to marry her, and he had no option but to agree. It is especially important for young women to be aware of how they show their total commitment to their men because they may use it against them.

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