Woman seeks Ksh.100K child support from the House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi

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A woman is looking for the support of her two-year-old son for Ksh.100,000 a month from the House of Grace for bishop David.

She also wants the bishop to pay the costs of Kiota School, Ksh.1.000 for the showroom, Ksh.5.000 for fun, Ksh.3.000 for public utilities and Ksh.2.000 for toys of her son.

She would also like to order Bishop Muriithi for food & shopping Ksh 20,000, house hire Ksh 35,000, clothes Ksh 11,000 and household support Ksh 10,000.

The woman says she met the bishop in 2018, according to court papers, and they had a romantic relationship, leading to the birth of her in January 2019.

By lawyer Danstan Omar, the woman says that Bishop Muriithi has neglected them, although he knows that he is her son's biological father.

“Muriithi has neglected his parental responsibilities and has caused the minor herein to be a child in need of care and protection,” read court documents.

The court directed that the matter be heard on August 25, 2021.

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