Remarks From Kenyans After Junet Mohamed Tweeted Congratulating Gideon Moi

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Junet Mohamed who is minority whep in the national assembly and the member of ODM party today tweeted on his tweeter page a message congratulating Gideon Moi for appointment of a presidential candidate for mother party KANU. He state that the future belongs to the brave.

John-Chavez tweeted, "It is nolonger news. The whole script has been laid bare. Raila is just a pawn in Uhuru/late Moi's succession plan. His imagined one term presidency is to prepare the way for Moi's orphan to ascend to the throne."

Fredrick Bundi tweeted, "You heartly congratulate the endorsement of Gideon as you're acutely aware that soon you'll make him a puppet beholden to Raila by convincing him to drop his ambition to a more popular candidate, Raila. Is this not the plan so as to achieve a chunk of votes from Rift Valley?"

Amos tweeted, "KANU is an Asset to the Moi family, anything belong the homestead is a fallacy,The home county has nothing to show of its Wide broadcast hip on Media, Sometimes democracy is hostile."

Zayidi tweeted, "I was at the kamkunji grounds in 2012 when baba leaked the "Ohuru pokeza gideon" plan. At that time this seemed so unacceptable that the resolve to vote out uhuruto got cemented in me. The cement flaked off. I shifted camp. And seems baba too shifted. Earth is hard."

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