" I Didn't Know That My Man Is Getting Married To Someone Else " || Lady Left In Pain And Ashamed

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Date : 27 September 2021

It has been a busy long weekend indeed. Many couple's were getting married this past weekend especially people from Limpopo. This past weekend was full of love and joy. Families were uniting. Indeed it is good to have a person who will love you and always put you first. We all need a person in our lives who will appreciate us and make us feel loved. Love is beautiful and should be celebrated at all times. There are others who believe that love no longer exist probably because of their past experiences.

Those who are inlove can testify that people are missing a lot. If your past relationship did not work well, it does not mean that the other relationships will not work well. It's vital to be patient when you are inlove. It is every women's wish to find themselves walking down the aisle and tying the knot with the love of their lives. Many women have dreams to find themselves getting married in a joyful way. We get to thank God for such gift of love because when one gets to be loved like that they should be grateful at all times.

This past weekend was full of joy to many people but also a sad weekend to others. Others were getting married and others their relationships were ending. This past weekend has been a dissapointing and hurtful one to a lady known as Takalani Nkhumeleni from Thohoyandou . She was left in shock after her boyfriend got married without her knowing that her boyfriend is getting married.

On the day before the wedding he told her that he got into trouble and he was kept on a safe house. He said he was not allowed to be in contact with anyone and he had to keep his phones off. It's just unfortunate that the lady believed her only to find out that he was getting married to someone. This is indeed heartbreaking and painful because no woman can ever wish to find herself in such a situation. What do you think about this?

Source : https://twitter.com/Takkie_Mukwevho/status/1442117897350955011?s=19

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