Kenyans Debate Over Pastor's Method Of Casting Demons

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What kind of a pastor is this? How are demons casted? These are some of the questions that Kenyans are debating after the trending sad story of Judy Wangeci.

According to the story revealed in Monica Kagoni's show, Judy Wangeci alleged that her pastor whom she referred as an apostle claimed that he would cast the spirit of promiscuity from her. The pastor used allegedly forced himself on her with claims that demons would come out on from her.

Surprisingly, the young lady claimed that she had not been having any extra-marital affair during the period she had bee married.

Kenyans have now been left debating claiming that perhaps the lady was lured into the act because she was young. Other Kenyans claim that there exist no such a way of exorcising demons. Kenyans are angry at the man who did the act and claims that he is tarnishing the name of the good pastors that do exist.

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