A Man Dies In Nairobi Dam


The beautiful Nairobi Dam is now history. The dam is currently full of water hyacinth and dirty water from Sewage system in Kibera slum. Many people have lost their lives in that dam( both the young and old). The dam is always dangerous especially during rainy season where it even overflows. This year, we have lost a total of three people in a duration of four months.

The sad news today is that a man was found dead in the Dam. According to the residents, the man is said to have taken a lot of alcohol last night. He was last seen yesterday evening by his neighbours and he did not return back home.

The body was retrieved by the police and taken to mortuary. The area chief really put a lot of emphasis on being alert especially when walking slot the edges of the dam because it's very deep. He has called to attention everybody to be on the watch to minimise the deaths in the Dam being one of the dangerous places.

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