Wamependeza Mashallah. Diana's Nannies Transformation After A Full Make Up Treat By Diana.

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Diana Marua is a full time Content Creator who is very popular in Kenya. Diana also works as a top brand Influencer and she is currently the brand ambassador of many companies.

Diana has two nannies at her home called Josephine, who is of Ugandan Origin and Irene Nekesa who is from Luhya land. The nannies help Diana to keep her house clean and to make sure the babies are well fed and taken care of. Diana seems to be a good employer because Irene has lived with her for the last five years.

Diana loves to inspire her nannies and she always encourages and teaches them to be online brand Influencers via their channels.

Today Diana has decided to appreciate her nannies by treating them to a full make up turn over and the two really looked gorgeous. In fact Josephine could be mistaken to be Diana's look alike. See the nannies transformation below.

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