Ways To know if a Girl might Secretly Be in Love with You But too Shy To Say It

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Not all ladies are comfortable with telling a man their feelings especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Some of them feel too shy to walk up to a man they're interested in to say the words "I Love You".

Though a girl might not feel free enough to express her feelings to a guy through words, there are ways she helplessly does this with her actions and if a guy cares enough to pay close attention to them he can easily discover her true intentions and feelings for him.

Her Affection

Girls are generally known to be affectionate and can't help but show love and affection to a man when they are in love with him.

She might be friendly to other guys, but the energy with which she shows him tenderness and affection significantly surpasses how she shows other men that might be in her circle.

She is bothered when things are not okay with him, always troubles him to tell her the things bothering him, does her best to cheer him up when he is down, and will always do anything within her power to solve his problems. She is the one who seems to always be there for him when no one else is.

She Gives Him Attention and Wants To Always Be With Him

When a lady is in love with a man she gives him more attention than she gives others, she can't help but always want to be around him even and eventually starts sharing similar interests with him.

When a lady in your life exhibits these traits, there's a good chance that she is secretly in love with you and that you're just a question away from becoming lovers because she is likely to happily say yes to your proposal.

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