From the Street of Accra to America, Abraham Attah Fully grown in U.S.A

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The name Abraham Attah is one name that reminds every Ghanaian the miracle God did in a young boys life, who was picked from the street of Accra with no knowledge in filming making or acting, but was able to breakthrough international markets with his role as Agu in Beast of Nation. Abraham Attah is the typical Ghanaian child who use to roam on the street and sometimes ask strangers for money when the need arises which he even confirmed that, he once begged Kennedy Agyapong for money when his car was passing by which the Honorable did gave him some money.

According to him, he was on the street playing with his friends when some strangers came to them and told them they are running an audition for actors so they can give it try which was the turning point for him. Beast of Nation Got him several awards and elevated his brand and face to the world.So lucky for him, he was also casted in the popular superhero movie, Spider-Man Home coming. Currently Abraham Attah is schooling in America where he lives now and has fully transformed to a man, not the kid we use to know in Beast of Nation movie.

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