Top 4 Highly Secured Places On Earth


Fort Knox 

Fort Knox is located in Kentucky United States. It's ranked as the most secure place in the world. It's the home to the America's monetary assets. It's said that approximately 5,000 tons of gold ate kept here. To ensure the safety of the gold's , they are kept in a bank vault that's hidden deep within a depository which has 250 ton door at the entrance. Additionally, the area is surrounded by a military camp. This security measures make it one of the safest places on Earth.

Area 51 

Area 51 is found in Las Vegas desert in Nevada. This is a high security research facility for the military. The area is know for keeping some of the biggest secrets and coverups. The level of the security is high that most of the activities that go on here remain a mystery. It's secured with motion sensors, and patrols of very armed guards. 

Vatican Secret Archives

Vatican Secret Archives are found in Vatican City Italy. This library is the home for very important and sacred religious documents and many ledgers in the world history. According to the report, there is 35,000 volumes of information about the Roman church. This is a secret building that's not part of the general library in Vatican. The information here are passed from one pope to another and they are very secretive.

White House

White House is located in Washington DC United States and it's the official resident of the President of United States. it's secured with 18 acres of protected land. The white house remains one of the highly guarded buildings in the world. It has an Iron fence across the entire premises. It has bulletproof windows, a special secret service that's devoted to protecting president and his family and it also has a secret banker. 


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