Mpho and Themba are the only contestants from BBM who were guest presenters at DMVCA last night

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Did they choose the housemates who have many followers?

Themba and Mpho are a couple from Big Brother Mzansi. They being loved by many followers across the country and they have been doing great things ever. With the support from their many fans, they each got an opportunity to be guest presenters at the DMVCA last night.

They both did very well and we're very happy for them. Mpho was very good and she impressed a lot of people with her stage presence. Themba on the other hand looks like he still need more lessons when it comes to presenting in front of the big audience.

Themba forgot his script on stage but that does not block any opportunities for in the industry. He will still continue to grow. With Mpho by his side, he will prosper to becomes the best.

Other fans are asking why other housemates are not given such opportunities. I think they will get opportunities to also be able to prove themselves.


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