After I Asked for Someone to take Me Out online, a Guy Took Me Out and I Ate Fish and Drink - Lady


Sometimes, one doesn't know how or where his help may come from until he's asked for it. You can't stay in your house, close your mouth and expect help to fall from heaven and meet you. You have to seek for it from someone no matter how difficult it may look, for one can't tell exactly who may be willing to assist him or her.

A lady took to a Facebook group by name Abuja Singles Connect to narrate how he was taken out by a man, where he had the best of time with him just because he asked for it on the group. The lady wrote that the young man whose name is Salamy took her out and she ate roasted fish with drink as you can see below;

This particular scenario doesn't just attribute to food alone, it revolves within our daily life and there's been testimonies of people that got financial assistance, job opportunities, their lifetime partners etc from social media simply because they asked. Although one may be too shy to ask but if you're determined to get something, work towards it or ask people around you for it, you never can really tell as I said earlier who may be willing to help you.

Perhaps, these two may end up having something more together which could live to a lifetime commitment, or they could be great friends.


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