Take A Look At The Message A Wife Was Sending To Her Husband In This Video That Got People Laughing

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There are many times when husbands want to know what their wives bring to the table to support the family. Some wives are preoccupied with their jobs and so do not have time to execute certain types of responsibilities for their husbands and children. This type of marriage usually employs housemaids to assist them in caring for their children and their home. Others are housewives whose primary responsibility is to care for their children, their home, and their husband.

The husband in your picture asked his wife "What do you bring to the table?" The illustration is the wife's response to the question. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the husband is calmly standing at the back of the wife and she demonstrates what she has been bringing to the table. The woman has put a cooking utensil on her head, two rubber bowls on each of her breasts, and she also holds a paddle and a spoon.

The wife was also seen with a grater tied around her waist and on top of her thing. What she was doing is beating the saucepan on her head, the bowls on her breasts, and the grater on her thing to reply to the husband's question "What do you bring to the table as a wife?". Her answer was very clear to many social media users who came across the video.

What the woman was trying to say is that she cooks for the family, satisfies the husband in bed, and goes through pain to give birth to children. And this is her contribution to the family. Some social media users after watching the video said that how the wife acted in the video is so funny.

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