I'm Not Afraid! Senator Orengo Tells Uhuru As He Exposes Handshake Secrets


The 2018 political truce between Orange democratic movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta shifted the political landscape in the country and caught political pundits unawares. It was a perfectly executed political master class

On the outside, you would be forgiven to think that everything is going on perfectly well in the Uhuru-Raila political 'marriage' going by the public display of solidarity and brotherliness. In fact, you may have been made to believe that the distance between Raila's foot soldiers and president Uhuru Kenyatta/ state house is always one call away

However, emerging details have now emerged that exposes the inner happenings inside this previously unlikely political association that paints the picture of a false public display of a house in order but privately one in disarray

The Standard reports that Siaya senator James Orengo who is factually the most trusted ally of Raila Odinga down the years (forget Junet Mohamed) has emerged to unearth details of how president Uhuru Kenyatta has been treating Raila's camp

Orengo reveals that the president has been evasive and unavailable to his handshake lieutenants for some time now despite the public knowledge that the handshake house is in order

The Siaya senator fearlessly accuses president Uhuru of not giving attention and time to solve the contentious revenue formula even as he appeared to suggest that Uhuru is largely to blame for the current stalemate as he has failed to provide leadership due to his unavailability

"I am advising the current president to be accessible to enable us solve these problems. We would not have been here if he was accessible, I am telling you without being afraid,” the senator said

This is the first time that Orengo is openly criticising the president since the political truce between Uhuru and Raila and his expose on Kenyatta's snubbing of Odinga allies point towards the fact that all is not well in the handshake agreement


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