Lionel Messi Reveals Who He Considers As Barca's Best Player And It's Not Himself


After having alot of incredible achievements in the world of football over the past 15 years, Lionel Messi, many people's favorite is already being considered as one of the greatest of all time in football history.

Many people are aware of Messi's contemporary rival Cristiano Ronaldo and the amazing feats they (both) have managed to achieve in their professional football career. It can only be agreed or better still, arguable, that no other contemporary footballer besides Cristiano Ronaldo, is worthy of comparison to Lionel Messi in terms of achievements

Nevertheless, the Argentine forward and Barcelona Striker, Lionel Messi has proceeded to make a controversial statement after admitting the he (Lionel Messi) is not Barcelona's best player in history. This is solely his own opinion. Messi even further went on to mention the player he considers the best in the history of Barcelona; in his words:

"I don't consider myself as the best player in Barcelona's history. I know it's Ronaldinho, I still remember his goal-leading pass for my first goal in Barcelona. He didn't just passed me the ball, he passed me the torch."

After Messi made the statement, some people see it as a sign of humility on the side of Lionel Messi despite his achievements. Some others consider it as a sign of respect for Ronaldinho.