Arsenal: Details Into Nketiah’s New Deal, Magpies to Snatch Another Transfer Target, and More

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Eddie Nketiah

It is currently no secret that Arsenal are doing everything possible to keep Eddie Nketiah within their grasp at the club. Apparently, the Gunners have promised an increased weekly salary of up to €100k, which will make the 22 year old among the top 10 most paid players at the club. It is also understood that he will receive a long term contract deal, lasting up to five years, not to mention that he will receive a loyalty bonus if he sees out his next contract at the club.

Accompanied with the material promises at the club is the elevation of his squad status. Nketiah will no longer be considered a hot prospect at the club, but a key player in the next five years. Mikel Arteta will have to increase his match appearances quota and that means that he will make more Premier League appearances starting next season.

Lucas Paqueta

Arsenal are keenly monitoring Lyon’s midfield metronome Lucas Paqueta but right alongside them are Newcastle United who once again are challenging the Gunners to a conquest. The last time the two clubs were chasing after the same player from Lyon, Bruno Guimaraes eventually chose to sign with the Magpies since Arsenal were to slow in solving their “logistical reasoning.” Lucas Paqueta is reportedly open to a transfer move in the summer but will most definitely be considering just how many ticks in his checklist will the suitor clubs aggregate.

If it comes down to success, Arsenal stand a better chance at toppling Newcastle but the same cannot be said about the magnitude of their future projects. Newcastle United may have just started their rebuilding phase 6 months ago but the affluence of attracting big players is something worth bragging about. Arsenal cannot however be understimated.

Nuno Tavares

Nuno Tavares has been a hot topic for Arsenal in the last one year and the same is expected next season as well. The Portuguese has not had the most pleasant debut season but he has definitely left a mark at the club. His strengths and weaknesses have already been identified, which is quite a relief for Mikel Arteta, but the uphill task will be to sharpen the strengths and disguise the weaknesses. Hopefully that will be successfully done next season.

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