“I Did Not Believe In Charms But Now I Believe It Works” – Captain Smart Boldly Speaks


It was widely reported yesterday that the President Akufo-Addo had secured money worth 170 million Euros for the Development Bank. This drew so much public attention because the president had declared that Ghana was going to live without borrowing. Many wondered how come the president fell short of his own promises.

Captain Smart, former host of Angel TV’s ‘Anopa Bofoo’ on his ‘The Smart Show’ tonight, Thursday, May 20, 2021 has added his voice to the calls on the president. According Captain Smart, this move is disgraceful and should be condemned. He called on Ghanaians to ask for accountability from our leaders. He bemoaned why he had applauded the President for standing firm and later succumbing to beg for aid.

 “I keep telling you that I voted for you. But Mr. president, you have changed. We were all here when you told the international world that Ghana will live beyond Aid. That day it was embarrassing to look at President Macron of France. Today this same Nana Addo is asking for aid from him. This is disgraceful. I don’t believe in charms but I feel someone has charmed the president. I now believe in Charms. The Nana Addo I know has changed.

We will never stop speaking against corruption. One day the youth will arise. We will not arise to kill, but to build, protect and defend the country. The old men and women, your time has passed. How can you be bold before young Macron and suddenly kowtow before him to beg? This is pathetic” Captain Smart said

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