Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru Endorsed For Powerful Political Seat After Deconstructing Waiguru's Witnesses


Ndegwa Njiru, the lead counsel representing the Kirinyaga County Assembly in the impeachment case pitting Governor Anne Waiguru, has won the admiration of many in the manner in which he argued before the Senate Committee.

His precision and sharp cross-examination of witnesses made him the talk of the town on Wednesday. He trended the better part for of the day as Kenyans thronged social media to heap praises on him.

Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru.

Former State House Digital Secretary Dennis Itumbi, who happens to be a resident of Kirinyaga County, was so appeased by the Lawyers accurate knowledge of facts, took to his social media handles to endorse the Lawyer for Kirinyaga County Assembly.

"Final Word.... "How many times will one commit transgressions and go unpunished?" Wakili Ndegwa Njiru. At least we got a Senator in Kirinyaga for 2022 - Wakili go for it!" tweeted Itumbi.

Besides, Kenya's on social media had positive responses for his exemplary work and lauded him as the next big thing in the corridors of justice.

Here are Kenyans responses:

Chibamba @Chibamba001

We are ready for a senatorial position for Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru as Kirinyaga Senator...This guy will keep the next governor on toes and will bring a change to the Dead Parliament...We are happy even if the Thief will be set free

Wanjohi William @plainwanjohi

Watched Ndegwa Njiru with the approving, benevolent smile a pastor might show listening to a devotee praising God; for fair-skinned politicians of Anne Waiguru's type have a monopoly of corruption, just as pastors have a monopoly of religion.

Arshavin Koech@ArshavinKoech

This man Ndegwa Njiru is very brilliant and witty. Equipped with information and facts to the tooth.

Capt. Tony Mureithi @TonyMureithi

My brother @Fchurii...a member of #Kiririmbi panel in the name of Ndegwa Njiru has caused a storm online with his brilliance at the Senate. He has indeed proved that #kiririmbi is a show of big boys who're brutal with the truth and facts! Congratulations are in order!

kinyanjui @karoba_john

Ndegwa Njiru will definitely 'lose' against waiguru at the senate but he has won on the ground and that is marvellous!

Anwar Bindoh @BindohAnwar

This lawyer Ndegwa njiru should be put in isolation centre, coz if he rooms freely chances are very high he might be polluted n becomes one of those corrupt , greedy and non-patriotic counsels