'This Is How Maribe's Story Started ' Netizens Warn Ken Mijungu

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Maribe who was a journalist and claimed to be Eric Omindis ex.

Has been trending for all the wrong reasons .

But now Ken Mijungu is about to trend even more .

After KTN social media account posted a photo of him and one of the colleague.

Where they had posed in an intimate way in an office.

And writing this 'Ken Mijungu : My jaber utakunywa nini wallet nimeleta... 

Sophia : Aki wewe Ken...

Netizens on social media have blasted the station saying how.

It is irrelevant and how it's unethical ,to post such a photo on the twitter account, of such a big television station.

While others are making fun,and comparing the circumstances with the case of Jackie Maribe .

The post is yet to be removed from the social media account.

Comment on what you think about the photo.

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