Wicked World: Man raped a three months old Baby


This Man has been arrested for forcefully rapping a three months old baby girl, this is the highest level of wickedness.

The world is indeed wicked, a grown up man forced himself on a little baby of three months, this is inhuman because there is no pleasure one will derive in committing such act of defiling a little girl.

This child has no power to fight back, all she would do is cry out of pain, and she does not even understand what is happening to her at that moment.

This inhumanity is getting out of hand, the issue of rape is increasing day after day, despite the punishment that follows that action, people have refused to stop this act of wickedness.

This culprit has been arrested by the police and he is presently in their custody waiting for judgement. Government should please help this issue of rape in the country because it is getting out of hand, innocent children and adults are suffering from this act.

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