How To Consume Green Tea And Gain The Amazing Benefits For Weight Loss

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Green tea is a blessing when taken in the right quantity, at the right time, and in the right way.

You can make green tea by infusing it in boiled water for about fifteen minutes. This is better than boiling it. Stain and use dips to infuse the green tea.  

It is a wonderful drink and when stacked with some other combination, the benefits turn double.

When you want to increase glucose, carbs, and overall metabolism to lose weight or improve digestion, then boil ginger in water. Infuse green tea for ten seconds and drink it by putting about ten lemon juice drops. This formula will increase protein metabolism in boys which is essential for muscle recovery and growth.

When you want to improve your immune system, take some non-citric fruit. You should consume a handful of peanuts with green tea to improve blood flow. Such a combination adds to the antioxidant properties of green tea. You should not consume green tea on an empty stomach. It will increase toxicity in the body.

One will face heartburn or acidity-related issues. Green tea is beneficial if consumed one hour before a meal or post one hour meal. Do not take green tea before or after a meal. 

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