Police Brutality Exposed? Woman Cries Out How Police Broke Her Leg For Not Wearing Face Mask


In Busingo village, Vihiga County, Shillah Imali toils to roam around her house as she performs her tasks, her weight aided on crutches.

She sometimes moans in discomfort when she leans over to make breakfast for her son.

“I am fortunate to have survived, but I am still undergo pain in the leg,” says Imali.

She vividly recalls the awful happening on March 24 that led to her situation after a clash with police officers over lack of a face mask.

When the she saw a police vehicle policing the region glimpsing for people infringing coronavirus protocols she was afraid because she had no mask.

“Eight policemen dived out of the carriage and sprinted after me to my room. I closed up myself in but they smashed it. Worrying that they would commit the guiltiest to me, I fled through the backdoor. The police saw me and chased me.” she recounts.

Imali then agreed to relinquish by sitting down and pleaded for compassion from the officers as her child was moaning.

“The police nonetheless, lunged on my limb and I felt an intense grief through my body. I was motionless. After the police saw the injury they started strolling away,” she says.

The occurrence infuriated citizens who met face to face with them and solicited they take her to sanitarium.

“Due to the huge mob that assembled, police gave in to the tension and seized me to Vihiga County Referral Hospital in Mbale where they plopped me at the admission and notified the physicians that I was crapulous,” she says.

Imali explains that her younger sister documented the issue to Serem Police Station on March 31, where the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) told her to come with her sister and eight witnesses.

Imali says the OCS ignored her lawsuit against police officers and rather told her that they were peeking for her mother without divulging why.

Her family is now petitioning to the State to explore the matter so that Imali can get justice.

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