Nigerian Man, Condemns DNA Says Child Born In Igbo Culture Automatically Belongs To The Man


Recently, a woman was killed by her partner just because the paternity testing of their children say that he is not the father of the children. A Nigerian man has condemned DNA test says a child born in Igbo culture automatically belongs to the man.

A Nigerian man took to his Facebook page to condemn men who carry out DNA tests to ascertain their child’s paternity.

The user, Hugo Abuudo said DNA/paternity tests are destroying marriages and asked that men stop “contesting” the paternity of the children born by their wives.

He wrote;

Indeed this,DNA testing has ruined so many families especially those who can bear the grief to train other people children. Here,in Igbo Land, so far that you are legally married to the woman,any child she gives birth to is your child. Our fathers,grandfathers and great grandfathers were not actually the biological father of their children.

So sometimes I ask what do you want to do with paternity test,when your own paternity test is in doubt?


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