Checkout The Dirtiest Players On The Pitch, Number 5 Will Amaze You.


Football is a game of passion of excitement, it is also rated to be the most followed game in the world. However, there are some players who make the football pitch look like a battleground. They are known to cause havoc on and off the pitch, their style of play is very dangerous. You might have guessed Luis Sure, which is correct, but how well do you know that there are other players involved. Scroll down as we check them out.

1. Luis Suarez:

The forward from Uruguay is known worldwide for his biting prowess. He has done this heinous act three times in his career and had been sanctioned each time. His first bite was in 2010, when he was at Ajax, he bit Otman Bakkal. The second time was in 2013, when he was at Liverpool, he bit Branislav Ivanovic. The third time was when he was playing for Uruguay against Italy. He bit Chiellini.

2. Craig Bellany:

Bellany is a very dangerous player, who has carried out criminal events outside the pitch. He is a fan of slapping and causing injuries to other players. He once hit his team mate, John Arne Riise with a golf stick at a golf playground. The next day, Bellany scored a goal and during his celebration, mimicked the way he hit his team mate with the golf stick. He has a record of criminal events on his desk.

3. Mark Van Bommel:

He loves to take the ball away from the opponent while hitting him with his elbow. His tackles are also very dangerous, especially in a tight corner. He has a simple philosophy, "The ball is less important, just focus on the player". He knows how to hurt his opponent all the time.

4. Joey Barton:

He always says, "my character has kamikaze pilots". He is a very aggressive player on the pitch. In a match against Manchester City, he tried to punch Tevez, kick Aguero and settle scores with Balotelli all within two minutes.

5. Marco Materazzi:

His style of play earned him the nick name "Psycho". As tall as he is, he always loves to pull off deadly tackles. His most famous event was when he provoked Zinedine Zidane to hit him in the chest in the World Cup match between France and Italy in 2006.