“God Will Punish Those Who Talk Badly About The Late President Magufuli,” Tanzanian MP Claims


MP Lembris in Parliament

On March 17th, 2021 Tanzanians learnt about the death of their fifth President John Pombe Magufuli after the authoritarian died of an alleged heart complication. His burial happened a month later and many are still in sorrow over his demise.

Speaking in a parliament session, Arumeru West MP Lembris Noah said that God will work upon those who talk ill of the late President Magufuli without failure.

Late President Magufuli

Mr Lembris was giving his speech during the passing of a financial bill for the year 2021 /2022 today in parliament situated in Dodoma.

“I want to caution those who think they will live forever, that all souls shall taste death. You will not betray Magufuli's legacy that he left behind but it will remain forever,” he said as quoted by Mwananchi, a Tanzanian publication.

He added that the current Head of State, President Samia Suluhu Hassan, was honest and competent in her dealings and that's why God rewarded her with the top post in the country.

The vocal politician also cautioned social media users who have been defaming Magufuli saying the same fate will befall them.

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