Kalonzo Musyoka Meets Kiambu Council Of Elders Chairperson

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Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has today met with, Kiambu Council of eleder Anthony Nginyo just hours after ditching Azimio.

Details as to what was being discussed still remains unclear with netizens making some interesting allegations.

Earlier on reports had it that the famous wiper party leader might be heading back to Azimio, nevertheless, Kalonzo dispelled these rumors saying he was looking forward to his presidential bid.

Kalonzo on Monday announced that he will be vying for the country's tops seat with the assistance of Sunkuli as his running Mate.

Running have it that he might be heading to one of the alliances as political heats slowly rise around the country.

His exit from Azimio has left a huge gap, Kalonzo exited after Martha Karua was named by Raila Odinga as his preferred running mate.

All eyes will now be on the wiper party leader to see his next political move as it might be the decider in the upcoming August 9th polls.

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