Huruma Town Kids Over The Moon As Top American Celebrity Shares Their Video


Huruma Town Kids are lately the talk of town after earning a huge recognition from one of the top celebrities in the world. The crew consisting of 23 members reside from Huruma Slums in Nairobi and their art of recreating celebrity videos has always been an incredible talent. The group founded in 2019 has indeed attracted much fame just in the short span of two years.

Once again, Huruma Town Kids amazed the world after they perfectly recreated a video of American celebrities DJ Khaled, musicians Justin Bieber and 21 Savage. Moments later, DJ Khaled shared the video on his Instagram account with an elated caption.

"Huruma Town Kids, Blessup the Young World. Fan love, the love is felt worldwide."

Kenyans flooded the comment section celebrating the major recognition. Celebrities and blogs were proud as they shared the considerable acknowledgement.

Huruma Town Kids have always been recognised even by our local celebrities such as Harmonize, Lulu Hassan, Nameless among others.