The Role of GHRIS In Government Of Kenya


The Role of GHRIS In Government Of Kenya

What does GHRIS Stand for?

GHRIS stands for the Government Human Resource Information System that has been developed by the Government of Kenya.

The Role of GHRIS in Governr of Kenya

The main objective of GHRIS is to provide a one-stop-shop for human resource aspects of government.

This means that it serves all government official ie l.e state officers and all civil servants. Civil servants get all their monthly payslips through this platform just like the TSC's TPAD. The platform is also used to analyze the yearly/ quaterly performance of all government official.

GHRIS serves the following;

1. Ghris serves all the Ministries and all the state departments.

2. Uninformed services.

3. State corporations and Semi- Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs).

3. Counties ( Both executive and assembly)

4. Constitutional commissions and independent officers.

5. Third party organizations (eg Banks , SACCOs etc)