Man Who Was Shot And Died Has Been Seen Walking Days After His Burial

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A man who was allegedly shot dead by the police officers in Teso North Sub-county in Busia County has shocked the residents in the area after he was seen walking around the area. The man was shot on April.

The people in the area are now under tension as they are wondering how a dead man could have the ability to walk. The man faced his death when a random number of thugs attacked a business premise in the area and police officers responded immediately on time killing the thief.

His body was later moved to the mortuary and buried some days later, shockingly, the man was seen walking on June 5th, 2021, which meant that the one who was buried was not the thief.

Police officers who shot the man have now been asked to investigate and give the full details about the death of the said thief. Police officers have also been asked to give full security to the people in the area.

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