AFRICA: I Want Other Girls To Know How To Say No To Boys - Mabinty.


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Mabinty image created by bbcafrica:

Teenage Pregnancy and School drop out. Obviously this is not the first article on teenage pregnancy neither it's going to be the last. Yeah Sure!! 

From "BBC Africa News" a 14 years teenager, Mabinty. From Sierra Leone is on a serious mission to mitigate early pregnancy and school dropping. 

According to her, she want other girls to know how to say no to boys so they don't end up dropping from school because of early pregnancy. 

However, she pity her peers, that are forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy. And it is all because they are not getting the right education from their parents. 

She is using radio as a medium to rescue other teenagers. "In our African Society, they don't teach them about sex education at all at home. So I thought it fits through radio I can reach many az possible and prevent them from getting pregnant at early age". Mabinty said. 

I must also say that most parents as soon as they send their kids to school, they think that is all. They probably think they are going to learn everything from school. No!! Dear parents do your homeworks well.


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