Kenya Power Message To All Kenyans

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Kenya power has sent message to all Kenyans informing them of blackout which will take place on Wednesday. Kenya has been carrying out maintance in order to solve some issues. Kenya power has been putting off the current and work out maintance which enble free flow of electricity without any disturbance.

Kenya power has been carrying out maintance such as replacing of broken or fallen poles, cutting down of trees near wires, replacing of use up transformers or adding new transformers in particular areas in order to boost the current following at that particular points. Kenya power cause blackout incase of various reasons which later cause damage to the society.

Electricity Blackout out had immense effect to the citizens at large escially those carrying out Business using electricity. Business people such as saloonist and those who keep items using referegetors leads to damage of perishable goods. Business people always count lose through out the day.

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