Kumchacha Is On Point As He Points Out What Nana Agraada Should Do Now.


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Nana Agraada has left many awestruck following her transition to becoming a Christian. While others are happy about the move, others too are resentful because they believe Agraada has to do the more important things.

Agraada is known to be a fetish priestess. She claimed to have assisted people financially through what she calls "Sika Gari". With this" Sika Gari" you get much more money than the one you deposit. This method has been described by many as fake. Perhaps this could be one of the numerous reasons why she was arrested.

One man of God named Kumchacha has come to the fore to air his opinion. In an interview on KofiTv, He said: " According to to the Bible, Zacchaeus after duping people, later released that he had to pay back thrice the amount he took from the people. In the same vein, Agraada, if possible should do likewise by paying back their money."

He added that someone might have borrowed money from the bank or something to perform that ritual. That person might be in trouble and would be wise if Agraada could compensate them.

However, Kumchacha expressed excitement over the Agraada transition.

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