Fikile Mbalula can't stop bragging about this and people start to lose their cool about it

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Fikile Mbalula turned to be mosquito in people's ears, he just can't stop talking about the achievements they made this year. Seems like he got more than he expected and that is a good achievement for them.


Mbalula brought unnecessary attention to himself as people start to question him many questions that he can't even answer. He embarrassed himself because people started to show him some of the mistakes they have done and left him unattended.

"We have received more than 10.6 million votes. We have more than 4500 local seats and an outright majority in 167 councils. That is not chicken feed. We are the largest party in every metro, except Cape Town and Nelson Mandela Bay" said Mbalula.

Mbalula was so happy with the results they got and he promised people more changes in their lives, even though people don't forget. People started to share more scandals of Mbalula and ANC, they reminded him of the 15 million stadiums that were opened at Lesseyton.


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