The Secret Behind Roman Reigns Superman Punch

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WWE works under the principle of Kayfabe or let me put it this way, all Professional Wrestling bodies such as TNA, AEW, NJPW, ROH work under this principle. If you're confused about the meaning of the word Kayfabe, it simply means "to act" or "fake".

Now, back to the main topic which is the secret behind Roman Reigns Superman punch. The Superman punch is a finisher that wasn't invented by Roman Reigns, but popularized by him.

Roman Reigns started using the Superman properly when he joined arms with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to form the Shield. The purpose of the Shield was to help CM Punk take out his rival, Ryback as CM Punk tried, but failed during any attack.

Roman Reigns uses the move to knock his opponents to the floor or in cases of strong superstars like Braun and Brock, they get stunned (a state of dizziness or unconsciousness).

The combo is best achieved that way, but if they fall to the floor, Roman Reigns would seize the Spear and unleash the fury as soon as they stand up.

The secret here is very short and simple as Roman Reigns hand don't actually hit the Superstars' face before they fall to the floor.

If you're sceptical, watch a video between Roman Reigns and Lesnar at Summerslam and look at the slow motion of the Superman punch. Thank you.

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