Headaches: where do they come from and how they occur.

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Migraine and where does it come from?

Migraine is a form of headache characterized by severe attacks. The pain is typical only in one half of the head (left or right).

A migraine may last from a few minutes to several days.

Along with the familiar headache symptoms, migraine may be accompanied by photophobia and loud noises. Therefore, the person is looking for a quiet and dark place☝🏻

No unambiguous and reliable cause exists. However, there was one unusual theory that migraine "affects" people with higher intelligence.😂

The best plan is only to take headache medication when you are experiencing pain. If you have headaches and other pain that goes beyond simply “occasional,” work with your doctor to find out what kind of preventative medicine you can use. They will work to combat the underlying problems rather than masking the pain and triggering rebound headaches. The only method to stop a rebound headache is to stop taking the medication causing it.

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